The advantage of using Dashboards to get a context aware Process Mining

Why dashboards may enrich your discovering process

Process Mining has gained traction over the recent years. The ability to process event logs and discover process models, check for conformance or enhance those very processes has proven to be useful in different use cases and industries.

The flexibility to act upon different logs of different systems and industries derive from an ingenious abstraction trick – every event log must present 3 pieces of information: case id, timestamp and activity. By mapping an opportunity id to a case id, or a purchase order id to a case id, one can use process mining on top of a sales or a purchasing process, for example.

A little more creativity applied, and one can consider a patient id at a hospital to be the case id, and every step of his journey (first aid, triage, exam, medical interview, surgery, …) to be activities, and, voila, a patient journey inside a hospital is a process to be discovered, analysed and enhanced.

This is no big news for someone trained in process mining. This is, actually, Process Mining 101. This may take, however, a new turn if your process mining platform is capable of using additional fields in the analysis. Enriching those events with additional dimensions means giving more context to your process mining endeavour

Take our sales process analysis, for example. If we can assign information about the customer to every event, including his/her profile – gender, age, location, income, etc – , we can now analyse the evolution of the sales cycle under the context of a potential targeted persona.

We are no longer just looking for patterns in a sterile process execution, but we are now capable of analysing how those patterns relate to other information in the context, such as the king customer, for example.

In customer facing operations management with process mining, one can understand what types of services fail more often, which geographies performs better (and why), the causes of delays, why some suspects don’t convert, and the list goes on.

The easiest way to tie context to process mining is by using dashboards. When you can contrast process maps with different dimensions in the data, slice and dice, drill down, you can definitely do process mining in context aware mode, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Process mining is powerful. Context aware process mining is a killer

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