The relevance of Process Mining in transformation journeys

Or how can you manage what you can’t see?

It still mesmerizes me how many organizations embark on digital transformation journeys, huge automation or optimization projects without using Process Mining.

I keep wondering: how can you manage what you can’t see?

I have always been a big sports fan. However, I am more attracted to the coaching side of the game than to the players’ one. It thrills me to see great coaches in action. Their intelligence, their management skills. I love to watch soccer games from teams led by Guardiola, Klopp or Mourinho. Who does not enjoy seeing Gregg Popovich on the basketball court side? Love him (I do) or hate him, no one can deny how influential to football Bill Belichick has been.

When great coaches work, they use all the information they gathered about their opponents and their own teams: statistics, most common plays, roaster, health status, etc. And they combine that with everything that is happening live in the game. They see things in their entirety, end-to-end. Only by doing so, can they make the right calls and lead their teams to victory.

Now select any of these coaches, in any of these sports, and take away all the statistical information they previously gathered.

Not happy yet?! Then blindfold them on the court side. Last, but no least, they must wear earphones that block all the sound from the game, or staff. What can Guardiola, Popovich or Belichick do now? Nothing, right?!

So how come some think that managing large operations, leading digital transformation, or optimizing a complex process can be done without the statistical data, awareness and intelligence provided by Process Mining? How can they make the changes without understanding the processes involved end-to-end?
Yeah… I ask myself that too.

Process Mining is the equivalent of seeing the operations and all previously collected statistics about it. It enables seeing the process, and the business, in its entirety, end-to-end. It is the very compass to your digital transformation, as already pointed out by Forrester.

Take off your blindfolds. Embrace EverFlow Process Mining today, change the game and lead your team to victory.

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You can only transform and digitalize your business when you see how it really runs. Get that visibility today for lower costs, better services and happier customers.



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